Your survival kit won’t be complete without camping axes and hatchets. These two important additions to your camping, hiking, or trekking arsenal are your handy buddies for when you’re collecting wood for fire, setting up a tent, and other camping activities that require them during an outdoor adventure.

You may think carrying camping axes and hatchets out in the wild is too much of a burden. Well, you can’t exactly chop down deadwood with a butter knife. Besides, the best camping tools are portable, lightweight, and compact so you don’t have to worry about lugging around some extra pounds. Think also of camping axes and hatchets as your backup tools for safety and protection. You can be vulnerable in unfamiliar terrains so it’s best to prepare for emergencies and danger. Better safe than sorry, right? Just make sure that you have quality-made camping axe and hatchet that serve their purpose well.

When preparing for your camping or hiking trip, truly consider taking along camping axes and hatchets. You’ll never know when you need them for practical reasons or for self-protection. But at least when you do, you know you’ve come prepared with 2 trustworthy outdoor gear.