Are you planning for an outdoor activity this festive season? Enjoy it in style with the most recent items such as collapsible travel cup. The time for using disposable cups is long gone and if you are still dwelling in those times, it’s the high time you move with the technology.

A collapsible travel cup is just a wonderful cup to carry along when you are going for an outdoor activity. It is great for both hot and cold drink as it keeps them at the required temperature. It is not a bother when not in use as it collapses into a compact liquid tight disk, saving you space in your backpack, handbag, briefcase or jacket pocket. Since it is reusable, it eliminates the use of disposable coffee cups which are a menace to the environment. The cup has a lid with a mouth seal plus a cup sleeve, so you can carry it around and drink easily even if you are walking. It is completely spill-proof when covered.

The cup is affordable, practical, and lightweight made of safe material and easy to clean. It helps to generate less trash and therefore most recommended for outdoor activities as it helps in environment conservation.