Water is life, whether in the house, office or out for an adventure, at one point you require water or a drink to quench your thirst. Adventurers can bear me witness that a backpack without some water is incomplete. Water is very necessary when you are out on an adventure, be it camping, hiking, hunting or mountain climbing especially during summer because of the water lost through sweating.

Most campers feel that items like mugs and bottles are bothersome as they tend to fill up your backpack. Today we have good news for you! We have a collapsible travel cup in our online stores that you can make use of and save space to pack other important items.

This collapsible travel cup is made from medical grade silicone and food grade polypropylene plastic. It is BPA-free, odorless, no stains or plastic taste. Its lightweight and its foldable design makes it space efficient for easy storage in the backpack. It has a thermal insulation sleeve which keeps the drinks warm all day long. It has a leak-proof lock lid and groove at the top that prevents the drinks from spilling over. Enjoy your adventure with this collapsible travel cup from the online stores.