If you know what gears to bring on a camping trip, you can avoid bulky backpacks and heavy lifting throughout your adventure. A survival knife with fire starter is one of the nifty tools that combines two functions in just one dual-purpose device. You’ll find several options when you do your search so here are quick tips on how to choose the right one that gives you bang for your buck.

Survival knife with fire starter feature provides a compact solution to two of the most needed tools for surviving in the great outdoors. When making your purchase, start by doing a thorough check of the product features. Your survival knife should come with a high-quality blade to withstand the most rugged use for a long time. The handle should be durable and designed with a non-slip grip to stand and hold in whatever application you need it for. If you can find one that folds, then add extra points for compact design.

The most ideal survival knives have fire starters that securely locks into place; easily retrieved whenever you need it to start a fire for cooking or signal for help. Your fire starter should be reliable and can spark or ignite in an instant, especially when you need it during an emergency.