Are you gearing up for your next camping experience? Better go through your camping checklist first and see if you have all the essential equipment for camping. If ever you need help, we’ve listed down the most important items that you should never leave without.

For your rugged home away from home aka campsite, make sure to bring the right equipment for camping. Your outdoor abode gears should include a tent, sleeping bags, camping pillows, and headlamps or flashlights with extra batteries. If you have extra space for a few more campsite furnishings, then include a camp table, cots, tarp, and hammock to your list. For your camping tools and repair equipment, make sure to bring a mallet (or hammer to set up your tent), either a saw or axe for when you need to chop wood for fire, and of course a lighter or fire starter to spark it with.

Your equipment for camping must also include tools to cook your food such as a camping stove, pots and pans, eating/cooking utensils, plates, mugs, knife, trash bags, and water bottles. If you can find multitools that tick off several items with a single device, then all the better. Be sure not to forget your sunscreen, insect repellent and solar portable power as well.