Some years back shovels were just simple tools used to dig holes in the ground or clear snow from the paths and driveways. For outdoor adventures who hump everything on their back, they understand well the importance of having a single tool that can accomplish a variety of tasks. The more functions a tool has and less weight and space it takes the more useful it becomes.

If you are out there planning for an adventure, we have good news for you as we have a multi purpose shovel in our online stores that you can make use. This shovel will save you a lot of space in your backpack as it performs functions of many other tools. The head of the shovel can be adjusted to be utilized as a shovel or pickaxe and one side of the shovel has saw tooth serrations and can be used as a saw. This tool is just perfect for your next camping or hiking adventure.

A multi purpose shovel can be used to dig holes when putting up a tent, control campfire by digging trenches, dig a pit latrine, dig edible roots, can be used as an all-purpose garden shovel and hoe, chop branches and wood for firewood, etc. Buy a multi purpose shovel today and make your work easier